• Who can join Roncalli Wrestling Foundation? Boys and Girls ranging from 5 years old to Seniors in High School can be apart of the club!
  • How do I join Roncalli Wrestling Foundation? Go to our Membership Page and complete the required registrations, google form, and payment.
  • What is the cost to be a member of the Roncalli Wrestling Foundation, and what does a season with RWF look like? There is an $80 registration fee to be a member of the club for each session. You must register and sign up again for each individual session. This will be done online at our Club Registration Page. To see the breakdown of our Club’s Session format with practice days, times, and expectations click here. High School wrestlers will only be able to enroll for Session 1 and Session 3, because they will be participating in the IHSAA season with the Roncalli High School Wrestling Team during Session 2. The Elementary and Middle School wrestling season is during both Session 1 and Session 2, and they are also encouraged to participate in “The Winner’s Circle” training program and the Freestyle/Greco season with us during Session 3. This membership includes skill development, strength training and conditioning, coaching at tournaments, and a club t-shirt. There is also a mandatory membership to USA Wrestling/Indiana State Wrestling Association which covers a number of liabilities issues and insurance, and is also necessary for competing in all sanctioned tournaments in Indiana. The cost of this additional membership is $40 and is good for the entire season.
  • What do wrestlers need for practices and tournaments? All wrestlers must have a current USA wrestling card, they are $40 and can be applied for at www.usawmembership.com prior to the start of club practices. Also, all wrestlers must have completed the entire online registration process and payment for the Club Session by the start of the second week of that session (first week of each session is free).  For all practices and tournaments, wrestlers with longer hair need it pulled back and/or utilize a hair treatment/covering which integrates with headgear. Also, all wrestlers need to have fingernails trimmed neatly and tight to the finger.  Wrestlers are required to have wrestling shoes for practices and tournaments. Headgear and mouth guards are required for tournaments, though some choose to use them for practices. RWF may have a used pair of wrestling shoes and headgear that your athlete may borrow if needed. Attire for practices can range from shorts and a t-shirt, sweatpants, tights, compression shirt, or even a singlet (though most do not wear a singlet for practices). For tournaments, a singlet or approved compression shirt/shorts combination is required. Nearly all wrestlers, especially youth wrestlers, still prefer a singlet.
  • Where do I purchase wrestling equipment? You can find a nice pair of wrestling shoes, headgear, or mouthpiece at any local sporting goods store. You can also purchase these items online. The competition singlet or compression shirt and shorts can also be purchased online. Roncalli Wrestling Foundation will have a team gear package available to purchase each season that will include a competition singlet.
  • Where are club practices held? Roncalli High School 3300 Prague Road Indianapolis, IN 46227. Club practices take place in the Roncalli Wrestling Facility which is located on the East end of campus connected to the Bubble Gym.
  • When are Roncalli Wrestling Foundation practices? Detailed Google Calendar is a good source to go to for when practices will be. Practice Days/Times and Expectations for each club session can be found here https://roncalliwrestlingfoundation.org/practice-competition-schedule/
  • Where and when are competitions? We will post the competition schedules for each team by the end of October on each team’s tab/page on this website. RWF competes in a full season schedule with both our Elementary Team and Middle School Team from November-March. The High School Team and our more committed Elementary and Middle School wrestlers will participate in a couple of Regional/National level preseason events in September-October. The High School wrestlers and our more committed Elementary and Middle School wrestlers will participate in a full off-season schedule during the months of March-July that will consist of local, state, regional, and national level events.
  • Are Tournaments Mandatory? No, they are not mandatory. However, they are strongly encouraged to participate in the events on the club’s competition calendar. If you ever have any questions as to whether or not a certain tournament is a good fit for your wrestler, please ask a member of the coaching staff for their input.
  • How do I determine what age group my wrestler is in? Some wrestling tournaments are based on your grade level, and some wrestling tournaments will group you by age division. Your child’s age division is determined by the calendar year of their birth, which will slot them in a 6 and under (6U), 8 and under (8U), 10 and under (10U), 12 and under (12U), etc. division. For more details, here is a link to the USA Wrestling page on age divisions and weight classes.
  • How do I keep up with tournament schedules and registration and brackets during the competition? Sign up for our weekly newsletter that we try to send out every Sunday will include detailed tournament information and schedules for that week. Detailed google calendar and competition calendar will be posted to the website as well. As a general rule, though, most Indiana tournaments will be registered through the TrackWrestling website. Nearly all tournaments, including those in other states, utilize TrackWrestling to keep up with match numbers and bracket progression for wrestlers throughout the events.
  • Can my child play other sports in addition to wrestling? Absolutely. Although many families likely choose to participate in a single sport at a time, there is nothing we do to prevent multiple sports if another fits within your family’s and your wrestler’s schedule. Our practice and competition schedule may allow for participation in other sports, with some of our club members involved in other sports. It is worth noting, though, that conflicting practice schedules which result in excessive absences could very well have a detrimental impact on your wrestler’s development.
  • Health & Hygiene Tips for Wrestling: Read this article from USA Wrestling on wrestling hygiene. The wrestling room is cleaned thoroughly daily, but we need your help to keep the wrestling room healthy. 1) Shower after wrestling practice or competition. If a wrestler doesn’t shower right after practice, then shower as soon as you get home. 2) Keep street shoes off of the wrestling mats! 3) Do not wear your wrestling shoes on the street. Wearing your shoes on the street can transmit diseases from your shoes to the mat. You should carry your shoes into the room and put them on in the wrestling room. 3) Keep finger nails trimmed. Having your fingernails untrimmed is a quick way to spread skin infections. You can pass skin infections by scratching other people with long nails. 4) Wash wrestling workout clothes frequently. Wipe down wrestling shoes and headgear with anti-bacterial wipes. 5) Keep open wounds or anything suspicious looking covered up. Please notify a coach if you think you may have something that looks suspicious on your skin, then the coach can advise whether or not you should go see a doctor or dermatologist. Self-checking your skin after you get out of the shower is a good precautionary habit to prevent major skin infections.